My Web 2.0 Expo Conference First Day Take Aways in 5 Keywords

As I’m involved in the creation and launch of a product right now, I spent the day on 2 start-up focused workshops: “Get Going: How to Build and Test Your Idea Without Programming and “How to Fail for Success: Three Key Start-up Mistakes”.

Here the bottom line of my day in 5 keywords:

1. Relevance
Very often strong ideas sit on common sense. I think common sense is not common at all. So, saying that you should be creating RELEVANT products for your customers sounds stupid but it’s not.

Ask you a question: does your current product have room for becoming more relevant?

For example, I think Google search has a huge room for improvement and RELEVANCE is the battle Google is facing today and will be facing in the next 5 years.

What is the last time you have been disappointed by Google Serp’s?

2. Time
Think about your product: how much time (%) you dedicate to your customers compared to product dev., features, business models etc.?

You should be spending MOST OF YOUR TIME talking with your customers, understanding their needs, desires, etc.

3. Focus
Now that you are creating a relevant product around your customers you MUST FOCUS on the ONE BIG SINGLE THING that your customers love.

Don’t get fooled by featuritis.

Get feedback from all your available sources, analogue (real face to face interviews) and data, fine tune your product, simplify etc.

Tough stuff uh?

4. Passion
Find out which are customers that LOVE your product and build your development around them.

Passionate customers will spread your product idea and make it a social object.

5. Speed
Don’t get fooled by the “the product is not ready yet” syndrome. Launch bits of the product every week, day or night. Learn from real customers, fine tune etc. Do it as quickly as you can.

As Janice Fraser from said today: Prove and Improve, Prove and Improve. Keep at it.

As soon as I’ll back home, I’ll be testing our product with real people much more that what we have been doing till now. It’s never too late.

What about you?

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