The hyper-personalized internet: the battle between Google and Facebook?

Yesterday I saw a video that touched a topic I see more and more clearly as part of our future: the hyper-personalization of digital services.

This trend is s strong that is the main reason behind the battle between Google and Facebook: knowing every aspect of YOU.

Right now Facebook is winning it.

This is the battle to dominate the future of online advertising and value added content and services.

Imagine this: YOU go to a website and based on who YOU are it adapts to what you WILL or MAY want. On the fly.

That website adapts to YOU and delivers content, suggestions you may like.

YOU don’t even need to go to other websites as the experience is built mixing 3rd party apps.

For example, going to, what YOU’ll see is completely different from what EVERYONE ELSE will see.

Recommendations will be created around YOU and people LIKE YOU: age, gender, income, atmosphere, colours, food, past reviews… etc. how much data about your preferences Facebook owns?

You’ll be booking your hotels, activities and restaurants using third party apps on

What else you see happening in an hyper-personalized digital world?


2 thoughts on “The hyper-personalized internet: the battle between Google and Facebook?

  1. Extreme personalisation is surely a very hot trend. Indeed, it matches perfectly with the rise of “liquid APIs” that are totally device neutral.

    One interesting aspect is that maybe telcos could rely in some non-duplicable assets in deeply understanding user data, while OTTs like Google and Facebook work on a more superficial layer. But only the latter are able to turn it into customer (and advertiser) value.

    This is simply because Telcos are not used to do it. It’s not their job. They have given away their business-critical assets (presence, location…) almost for free and now they are almost out of a very promising business. Which is not only related to ad revenues. Best-in-class user personalisation is also a competitive advantage in delivering the best service in a vertical market. Online sales is now a dominion of Amazon, because they’ve been able to provide exactly what the user wants.

    I am not sure – though – that the perfect algorythm will say the final word on this. Nobody like “human” friends of our users are able to understand what he wants. This is why I would bet on facebook rather than Google. But it’s still too close to call 🙂


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