Go with the dragons.

On how to recognize and pick suppliers that bring results.
Remember the last time the work of a supplier surprised you?
When you started working with a new company and they blown away you by the great work delivered?
Remember the last time you felt let down instead? Or when that ‘big name’ in the industry delivered poor or average work and no attention to details?
In my career I have met both types of suppliers. The most common kind is the one that delivers average to poor kind of work. And it is a pity. And sometimes unbelievable.
When you start working with a new supplier you expect a high level of professionalism. A great deal of attention.
Very often it is not the case.
Some other times, you find the dragons.
Meet The Dragons. Legendary, unbelievable creatures, full of drive and magic powers.
I love working with Dragons. I love to see the great work they deliver. I love to learn from them and build something together that will deliver a real impact to the business.
Dragons are special people. You find them in almost any organization.
How you recognize a dragon?
They have the right attitude. They do want to understand your goals and challenges. They get prepared beforehand. Then they ask questions. Many smart questions.
They understand how your project will add value to the company.
They go beyond deliverables.
They put thinking and then great execution in their work. They put themselves in your shoes and in the shoes of your customers.
They are concerned with results more than with billing hours. They value your satisfaction as a client as their long term driver of profitability.
Dragons go the extra mile. You notice it by the quality of their thinking and execution. Their attention to details proves it.
Dragons are true experts that love what they do and care about the results you want to achieve. As much as you do.
I always try to find the dragons when I start partnering with a new supplier. I want to work with dragons. I am not always successful, but my best advice to myself and my team is to keep searching until you find them.
Working with dragons makes a huge difference for you and your company.
Unfortunately, dragons, are not easy to find.
How many times have you worked with dragons?
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